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    Chiller Box supports Alex through his apprenticeship

    PUBLISHED: 12/10/2023

    Supporting the next generation of talent is important to the team at Chiller Box, and after identifying a need for further support with their marketing activity, the directors took on Alex Michael as an apprentice. Over the last year, Alex has worked hard to create a wide range of videos and photographs to showcase the work of Chiller Box. Over the summer, Alex completed his apprenticeship and so we caught up with him to learn more about his work.

    Tell us about the apprenticeship you have completed.

    My apprenticeship was on junior content producing which I completed over 18 months via the training provider, REMIT. Working with them, I learnt about digital marketing, Google Analytics and social media. It included monthly training that I attended in person and the rest of my learning was completed in the workplace. They gave me tasks to achieve in my job that they would then evaluate using a range of criteria. There was also an additional IT course which taught me about the cloud and servers which I found useful.

    What did you have to do to achieve this?

    I took part in a professional and formal discussion where I had to plan out a debate. This was particularly topical as it explored whether cars are going to be fully electric by 2030 and I put together a presentation to show my arguments. There was a maths element which I did find challenging, but I got there in the end. We also had an assessment where the assessors looked through a series of criteria and ensured that I had hit them.

    At the end of the course, I did an exam where I was given a creative brief and had to make a presentation covering a marketing campaign which showed research, planning, a storyboard and how I would manage budgets. This had to be presented to the examiner in a formal manner. They were looking at my tone of voice, professionalism, and passion for the subject. I had to do a question-and-answer session on what I had presented as well as about my interests, why I wanted to achieve this qualification and what I had learnt.

    What is it that you enjoy most about video production and why?

    I love the post-production side as I really enjoy video editing and seeing everything come together at the end. Whilst I know how important it is, I’m not a big fan of the pre-planning stage but it’s such a key part of the finished project when a video has been well thought through. It’s great to know my videos are showcasing the hard work of the wider Chiller Box team and helping people to learn more about our projects.

    Did you always want to do a job that’s creative?
    Yes absolutely! I wasn’t a big fan of the academic side at school and much preferred being creative and thinking about problem solving and how I am going to achieve something.

    What do you enjoy most about working at Chiller Box?

    I like how we all work as a team. Communication is so important in a business, and we work together to overcome any problems or challenges which often occur in a construction business. I am always learning a lot from the wider team; everyone is very open and give me constructive advice and support to help me develop my skills.

    How has the Chiller Box team supported you during this process?

    Our managing director, Marios has been extremely focused on getting me through the apprenticeship. He gave me so much advice during the process and offered lots of support on what angle to take on different elements of the course. The whole team really motivated me through it.

    Which video are you most proud of creating during your time at Chiller Box and why?

    There’s been a few that I love. The Meet Bros project is one that I was really proud of and the Smithfield Market restaurant, Origin was another. I think these were strong because of the way we created storyboards and planned them out. Each video had a strong structure from the start and told a story. Both videos are modern, professional and visually appealing.

    I spent a lot of time thinking about sound and colours, such as footage I took of the sizzling steak. When working in hospitality it is important to showcase the food in the best way possible. With these videos, you can see how much I have grown and how much I have learnt during my time on the apprenticeship.

    How do you want to develop your skills further now you have completed your apprenticeship?

    I’ll be using all the skills from my apprenticeship every day and will keep learning as much as I can in my day job. Working at Chiller Box has taught me to be professional with clients and have more confidence when networking at industry events. Now the training is done. it’s about getting more experience and growing each day.

    What would you say to someone else considering this qualification?

    Be prepared, work hard and stay focused would be the best advice I could give. Also, when things are hard don’t be afraid to ask questions as it’s perfectly fine – it’s a key part of learning. My final piece of advice would be don’t procrastinate.

    What are the key things you must consider when you are creating a new video?

    This is broken down into three key stages. First is pre-production so I’ll be looking at storyboards and scripts. I need to structurally plan, consider budgets, think about location, and how long it will take for everyone to come together as well as creating a call sheet.

    The next stage is production where the filming happens. I’ll consider lighting, backgrounds and ensuring I have a crisp audio. It’s key that I think about the detail, so I make sure I have enough storage on my memory and that the camera lens is clean. If I am doing an interview, then I need to make sure the person is prepared to answer questions as it saves time whilst filming.

    The final stage is post-production where I complete video editing. Key things to consider are making sure colouring isn’t too blue or orange and that there is fluidity through the video. I’ll also make sure the audio is clean and has the right sound effects.

    You can find the videos that Alex has created on our social media channels and YouTube. Well done to Alex for all his hard work and we look forward to seeing his work continue to develop.