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    Supporting future talent with a new apprenticeship

    PUBLISHED: 30/11/2021

    We’ve got some exciting news to share with you all as the Chiller Box team is growing. As you may have seen on our social media channels, it’s key that we showcase the hard work our team put in, and also support our clients in getting the word out about their ventures.

    Our marketing strategy is extremely important to us, and one of the efforts we made during the pandemic was to look at and improve the content on our website, newsletters and social media platforms. You may have seen our regular advice blogs and case studies as we feel it’s right to share our expertise and inspire others.

    We have employed Alex Michael as a junior content producer via the Reskilling the Recovery Scheme. This was brought to our attention through a business bulletin from our Local Authority, Haringey Council. They then put us in touch with LPC who administer the programme, advise on the criteria and process for signing up, and connected us with relevant training providers.

    We asked Alex to tell us more about himself, his experience and ambitions for the future…

    In this new role of junior content producer, I am working on videography and graphic design. So, I shoot footage, put videos together, take and edit photos and generally create lots of the content you see on the Chiller Box social media channels. It’s always good to witness a before and after when you are working in construction, so I love taking the photos and videos at the start of the project and then comparing them at the end. We like to take our followers on a journey when showcasing a project; there is something really satisfying about seeing the progress and designs come to life in this way.

    My passion for videography began when I was 15 years old. I started a YouTube channel, just for fun and to share my knowledge, but I soon had over 100,000 views on the channel. At college I completed Level 1 and 2 in Creative Media Productions. Whilst learning, I was helping my brother with his app, Visdea and gained further technical experience. My first role was with Official Watches, a luxury watch company, and I helped them to create social media content and promotions for their shops. Unfortunately, this role ended due to the pandemic, but I gained such valuable experience during my time with them.

    I am thrilled to work at Chiller Box and very proud to be the first apprentice they have taken on. It’s a family business but it is extremely professional, and I like the way everything operates. Getting experience in the hospitality industry is fantastic as every project is different. In the past, I haven’t had a marketing team to work alongside, and I am really enjoying how much I am learning by working with industry experts in this field.

    Since I started working for Chiller Box, I have created videography for Ignite Gym and their air conditioning project, the staff restaurant at Storm Technologies as well as the Medi Meze & Lounge.

    What does the future hold for Alex?

    Over the next year, I want to learn advanced editing techniques and expand my skills in Adobe Photoshop. I will also need to develop my people skills, so I grow in confidence when dealing with clients, as well as understand the fundamentals of business. Already I am enjoying meeting new people and seeing what goes on behind the scenes. I’ve always been someone who has relished going out for food and drinks but to see how these venues are created and what goes into creating a strong design has been so interesting to learn.
    I am looking forward to completing my apprenticeship and gaining new technical expertise. In the future I would love to work on editing a short film; something in the movie industry would be my ultimate ambition. If someone else is considering an apprenticeship in the hospitality industry, I would 100% say go for it. My top tip would be to take every piece of advice you can as you learn, absorb all feedback positively and use it to develop your skills. So many people want to help you and see you succeed so work hard and make the most out of every opportunity.

    What does this apprenticeship mean to the business?

    Speaking about Alex’s new position within the business, our managing director, Marios Poumpouris said: “The role of junior content producer sits very nicely with our new post-Covid-19 marketing approach, which is very much digital and social media focussed. Alex will be key to creating a constant stream of professional video and photographic content, for use in our various campaigns. This will assist us in improving our brand image and hopefully in generating new leads, thus making a positive contribution to the business. In the process, Alex will be improving his skills through both on-the-job learning and a funded training programme which he will be shortly commencing.”