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    Marios and the team celebrate a successful year for Chiller Box

    PUBLISHED: 14/12/2021

    As we approach the end of the year, it’s time for us to reflect and look at how the situation lies in hospitality. Whilst Omicron has caused some uncertainty for everyone right now, all we can do is remain positive that the UK will continue to move in the right direction, safely and cautiously, but rebuilding for a stronger economic future.

    Whilst there has been a rise in restaurant cancellations over recent days, it’s good to see hospitality staff trying to remain full of energy and enthusiasm to deliver some much-needed, enjoyable out of home experiences.

    Looking back at 2021, at Chiller Box we have been pleased to get some exciting new projects off the ground. This included the opening of Ignite Gym in Cuffley, the Storm Technologies staff restaurant in Watford and the impressive Medi Meze Bar and Lounge in the heart of Waltham Cross. Over the summer we worked on refurbishing a teaching kitchen at Beacon Academy and in the autumn our focus moved to Northwood Nursing Home. Our team have also been working closely with exciting and innovative casual dining chain, Neat Burger on a number of new outlets.

    Overcoming industry challenges

    Whilst it’s been a successful year, there have been some challenges for businesses like ours, so we’ve had to work extra hard to overcome them. We have seen supply chain issues with certain products being affected including things like combi ovens and refrigeration equipment, in fact even getting hold of taps has been a challenge. This is due to post-COVID19 demand as well as Brexit impacting the whole supply chain. Some of our clients have been struggling with staffing issues, either not being able to recruit enough people or finding it hard to get the right calibre. This is tough when consumer demand is so high.

    How is recovery going?

    You may remember from my previous blogs that I felt central London was like a ghost town for many months whilst other areas bounced back much more quickly. On my recent trips it’s felt like the city is buzzing again. We’ve also seen some projects that were on hold due to the pandemic get underway, particularly in the education and care sectors. We’ll soon be working on a new project with the London Business School. Contract catering is the one area we work in which seems slightly slower to bounce back but we are starting to see the recovery of this sector and are hoping the latest ‘work from home’ order won’t slow this down too much.

    What’s next for Chiller Box?

    Looking ahead to 2022, it’s more important than ever that we are on top of our game. The team are extremely busy with lots of work in the pipeline so extra time needs to be dedicated to project delivery so we can maintain our high standards of customer care.
    If you would like to chat to us about a project you have in mind for 2022, please get in touch either by filling in our contact us form or giving us a call on 020 8365 5430.