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    Chiller Box sees rise in demand for FOG services

    PUBLISHED: 12/07/2023

    The hospitality industry has seen a huge growth in interest around Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) management in the last few decades. If fat, oil and grease are allowed to enter drains it can cause huge problems for a business.

    Without effective grease management, FOG can lead to blockages causing flooding and pollution that is harmful to the environment so it’s vital that a business takes this seriously. Failure to follow regulations and legislation can lead to enforcement, prosecution and unlimited fines.

    During 2023, we’ve seen a significant rise in the number of enquiries we’ve had from our clients or new customers to help them with their management of fat, oil and grease. To help you learn about some of the options that we can source for you, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular products we install.

    Filta GDPro
    This is an active drain maintenance system that automatically protects drain lines against blockages directly at the point of source. The optimum dose of biological fat digester is dispensed from a wall-mounted unit, at a pre-set time of day, to protect against the build-up of fat, oil and grease. We tend to specify this product alongside combi oven installations.

    This is designed to work with GreasePak MSGD5 fluid, a highly concentrated active bio fluid specially formulated to degrade fats, oils and greases found in commercial kitchen drains. GreasePak is cost effective and can be used either with a grease trap or as a standalone drain maintenance system to help food service operators to meet regulations and maintain clear, free-flowing drains. We recommend this product as a minimum to show compliance with regulations.

    Passive grease traps
    You could use a Biological Drain Maintenance System such as the Mechline BioCeptor Bio-1001u. It is designed to retain and breakdown fats, oils and greases to prevent them from entering the drainage system. This unit is highly efficient at capturing FOG, with an average efficiency rating of 95.6%.

    Active/mechanical grease traps
    GreaseShield® is a Pro-Active Mechanical Grease Trap operating in real time. It takes advantage of waste thermal energy present in effluent to remove emulsified FOGs, particularly saturated animal fats, before they solidify.
    There are also a number of other products you can use to help with filtering to prevent food going down the drain.

    Mechline Sink Waste Strainer
    We also install this unique sink waste strainer system designed and manufactured by Mechline to make it easier for your kitchen staff to prevent food waste particles from entering the drainage system via the sink drain boss.

    This is used for coffee grounds and food particles making it ideal for cafes, coffee shops and other commercial kitchens. FilterShield creates a pressure drop, similar to the effect of a fountain, enabling separation and retention of solids and allowing water to drain away.

    If you would like to know more about any of these products or how we can help you with the management of FOG please get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ form.