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    A guide to starting a new hospitality business

    PUBLISHED: 13/04/2021

    Managing director of Chiller Box, Marios Poumpouris has had the drive and determination to help hospitality start-up businesses since he experienced challenges himself many years ago. As a qualified chartered surveyor and project manager, with a passion for the hospitality industry, he had a food vision he wanted to get off the ground. When looking for expertise, he found it difficult to find the right information and know who to trust to help him develop his burger concept. This motivated him to change his business plans and support others going through the start-up or business development process via Chiller Box.

    To be a part of a start-up journey is so fulfilling, especially when you see those visions become a reality and business dreams come true. A new free guide has been created by Chiller Box to help those considering or planning starting or developing a new business in the hospitality industry. If you have any questions or would like any advice you can contact us via our enquiry form.

    How to start a hospitality business