Cafes Commercial Refrigeration

Cafe Refrigeration & Coffee Shop Counter Installation

Coffee shops, cafes, sandwich bars and delicatessens need display counters and fridges which will not only keep the food fresh and cool, but also visually attract the customers to purchase more. So why choose Chiller Box to install your fridges, serve over counters and chilled display units?

  • decades of experience supplying refrigeration to cafes and coffee shops
  • refrigeration was where we started - now we're a "one-stop-shop" for all your cafe needs
  • accredited members of CEDA, we use a wide range of quality suppliers
  • we use CAD technology to plan coffee shop counter designs for the smallest spaces
  • a cafe may be your first venture - finances are often tight, we work to your budget
  • we offer cafe equipment leasing to get your coffee shop up and running quickly

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